General Questions:


Q - What is My Magic TV Box?

A - My Magic TV Box is a TV streaming box that turns your TV into a Smart TV and lets you do amazing things!

My Magic TV Box operates with Android. On Android you can use all the Google apps on the Google Play Store. With your Magic TV Box you can get access to all of these apps direct to your television.

There are thousands of apps to chose from on My Magic TV Box, such as streaming apps, educational apps and even gaming apps!

Of course which apps you choose to download is down to you. If you are looking for an app to watch TV shows and Movie streaming then the choices are there for you to able to download it. If you are looking for Sports content to watch live sports, then the choice is there for you to be able to download anything yourself. There's something for everyone on My Magic TV Box. 

Q - What is the difference between My Magic TV Box and other streaming devices?

A - My Magic TV Box is the only box that can give your TV unlimited capabilities. The possibilities are endless with My Magic TV Box and we guarantee we will save you money. 

We aim to provide excellent value for money. My Magic TV Box will work in every country, all you need is an internet connection! My Magic TV Box also supports all languages!

We also offer the best technical and customer support out there, we are here 24/7 so you can drop us a line or speak with us on live chat and we will respond to you as fast as possible to fix your problem.


Q - Is My Magic TV Box easy to setup and use?

A - Yes, its pure Plug&Play. Plug it in, connect and enjoy! We also offer our full support to help you set up your My Magic TV Box and make sure it meets your needs and its perfect for you.


Q - Can I download Apps on My Magic Tv Box?

A - My Magic TV Box comes with the Google Play Store, so yes you can download apps.  


Q - Are there any hidden fees?

A - No. My Magic TV Box is a one time cost.   


Q -What if I have questions or problems with My Magic TV Box?

A - We offer 24/7 technical and customer support! Just drop us a line on this website and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution to fix your problem! 


Q - What Internet speed do I need?

A - Speeds Down Stream (In Megabits Per Second)

SD Minimum 2Mbps

SD recommended 5Mbps

HD Minimum 5Mbps

HD recommended 10Mbps




Q - When will I get my order?

A - In 5-7 days.


Q - How much does shipping cost?

A - We offer FREE shipping worldwide.


Refunds and Returns:


Q - What do I do if My Magic TV Box is not working or I dont like it?

A - We offer 24/7 technical and customer support, we make sure every TV box works before sending, but if you have any issues, we will do our best to help and worst case scenario, you will have to return your My MagicTV Box for a replacement or refund. Just contact us.


Technical questions:


Q - The box is saying failed to extract?

A - Unplug the box and plug it back in.
Also check your internet connection.


Q - My Magic Tv Box is stuck on checking for updates?

A - If you are stuck on checking for updates all you need to do it make sure the timezone is correct in settings, you can do this by going to settings and selecting date and time and then choose the correct time zone. You can also try unplugging and plugging back in.